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Time Off, Plus Some-Looking on the Bright Side

December 10, 2009

So…yea, I pretty much disappeared for what WordPress is telling me was 8 months. A LOT has happened, a lot has not happened, I don’t even know where to start. It’s like meeting for coffee with an old friend you haven’t seen in ages and having everything and nothing to say at the same time. You know what I mean? It all gushes out and you have this jumbled, misguided, but fantastic conversation.

I’d like to start this conversation again…

To start with, it looks like it did outside 8 months ago, given the proof of my snow flooded balcony below. I pretty much still have the same breakfast too, oatmeal, yogurt, cottage cheese…habits die hard my friends. I graduated (with distinction-but the lady on stage failed to announce that! Seriously, I felt like that bitch robbed me of 4 years of grueling work…whatever, at least I know in my heart…almost as good as it getting announced to my now broke parents and emotionally abused boyfriend who put up with me for those roller-coaster years) I digress…So, all in all, I’m done with school (for now). I have the same job I had when I started University-not what I expected coming out of University-not what the thousands of other graduates applying to the same 4 jobs expected either. Hell, at least I have a job (that’s what they say you should keep telling yourself).

On the bright side, I’m now engaged to that emotionally exhausted boyfriend of mine-fiance Nor. He must have loved me, cause anyone who tolerated my emotional journey through post-secondary education would have high-tailed at my first breakdown. I think the meds saved us:-p. So marriage is on the map, as is our wedding date and place. August 21, 2009 I will get another diamond ring marry the love of my life. We’ll get married at my work, cause I obviously love this place far too much than to neglect it on the most memorable day of my life (insert sarcasm). It’s ironic, really, that the place I couldn’t wait to get away from I am now a full-time employee, and client of. I will be pouring thousands of dollars into a place I condemn for its lack of social responsibility, corrupt morals and misguided decision-making. Ya, that’s sometimes how life goes. At least we’ll get a staff discount (I’m all about looking on the bright side).

More exciting news is that I am heading to South Africa in T-minus 7 days and 3.34 house. I get to board a plane that I will proceed to sit in, surrounded by stinky people, mediocre plane food, and lack of leg room. BUT (looking on the bright side) I get to sleep on sit next to my fabulous fiance. He’s always entertaining and is good a carrying bags at that!. 12 hours later we land in London, where we have a 10 + hour layover. To make this ghastly layover more of a positive experience we’ve decided to venture out into London for a couple of hours to explore the city. Really, we just want to eat some good food and will probably get back on the train as quick as we got off in fear will miss another 12 hour flight (just try to stop me..I can’t get enough of those swollen ankles). We also booked a PREMIUM room at the Yotel in London Heathrow. Their pretty awesome, and for about 42 euros we get to have a nap on a fold out queen bed, wash ourselves in a barbie sized shower and maybe even order ‘room service’. I read they have Ben and Jerry’s…(i digress). Another red-eye later we get to Cape Town where we’ll immediately board another plane (cause we like to ride in planes) and go to George where I plan to run around like small dog trapped in a pull out bed (my dad did this to my Uncles dog, which survived, and when released, proceeded to run around the house magically for about an hour..I can only imagine).

We’ll stay in George for about 3 glorious weeks, escaping the poopy weather here for the glorious summer! Last night at dinner Nor’s dad was trying to get us to bring Vancouver Olympic mitts to my grandparents for a gift. I got offended that he would presume I would spend almost $7,000.00 on plane tickets to somewhere I was required to don mittens. Thoughtful, but no. However, I do hear that they are quite hot commodities, and am cursing myself for not taking them and pawning them to get out of the debt I’m in from purchasing such outrageous tickets in the first place. My first-born will have to make up for that…

So, graduation and engagement have been to two big pieces of ‘news’ in my life. I’ve done some things to ‘nourish myself’, and a lot of things that will probably made my age 10 years earlier. My recent engagement party, champagne, and many lost items later is coming to mind. I took a fabulous study abroad trip to Spain and met some of the most amazing people ever. Please who you meet and are convinced they are your long-lost soul mates. Ones you are ever grateful to have and almost mourn over all the lost time you hadn’t known each other. Friends for life-sista’s from anotha motha’. These people and that Spain trip has been my saving grace (in addition to my family and Nor). They have injected smiles and love back into the void that school, studying and narrow perspective used to fill.

I’m still working on the perspective, still working on living the life that is today, still working on not worrying about the little things-understanding that there is a great, big, amazing world out there (despite what CNN and every other news source projects). Life is here, it’s right now, and I don’t want the regrets and I don’t want to ‘wait’. It’s like we spend so much time waiting for our break and we lose the moment that is now. I hate to get all philosophical, but that is sometimes where your mind wanders when you sit in a rolly chair, in a 9 times too big uniform, reciting the same few lines, and same few keyboard strokes each day. Trust me, you have to entertain your mind somehow, in fear of it decaying and ruining your 9 times too big uniform (we do get free dry cleaning however…).

So basically, I resuscitated this blog (after completely forgetting both my username and password). Hopefully it will be an outlet. Hopefully it will be a way to meet new people in the blog world. A diary for my experiences, and a means to keep my brains intact and fully functioning as I do this job (Don’t worry, I’m thankful I even have a job).

That’s all for now…I think I’ll rustle some papers to make my productivity audible and then go make some tea….

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