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Getting My Weekend On

December 13, 2009

Good morning afternoon!

I find that on Friday nights my 80-year-old self emerges-where the couch, possibly a nap after work, and pulling on my oldest sweats is most appealing. I indulged myself in a nap on the couch in my comfy sweats, but pulled myself up to go to dinner and make an appearance at a friend’s birthday. The thought of getting to go out to dinner is enough to make me jump of the couch and whip out the mascare!

We decided to try a new restaurant called Italian Kitchen (I was craving Italian after watching a Bobby Flay Throw Down on Food Network-yeah, I fully admit to being victim to most every delicious food commercial and show).  I’ve read good reviews of Italian Kitchen, so my hopes were high, but I’m a tough critic…

We were excited (the wine is for the party after). I’m unconsciously hoping for a thumbs up!

So after a bit of wandering around in the wet now trying to find the place, we found it. When we walked in we were faced with a hostess who seemed to be seating two restaurants, side by side were Spur Gastro Pub and Italian Kitchen-owned by the same group and presumably sharing the same kitchen (they were puting their hostess on double duty).

We were seated and asked if we’d like a cocktail or drink…but were a little at a loss because we weren’t even provided with a drink menu or wine list…so our waiter scurried off to get one (he proudly informed us that it was his first night). We ordered a glass of Valpolicella and scanned the menu which looked delicious enough…


We were in a hurry so we decided to just go straight to mains…well “secondi’s”. I got the angel hair with sun-dried olives, anchovies, capers in tomato sauce, Connor got the Toli pasta with cherry tomatoes, lobster and arugula  in a lemon zest sauce. Our new waiter, his name escapes me, brough a basket of cold wheat bread with balsamic and olive oil as well as a garlic, chive butter which looked like it sat out faaaar to long (I didn’t touch it). The bread was alright, Connor commented that it tasted a little old-I wished is was warm, but liked the heavy wheat taste  of the bread (it seemed out-of-place for an Italian Kitchen though). I received a large soup spoon, presumably for my pasta-however when I glanced over at it, it had clearly been used (please insert this into my “Gross” post). I pointed this out to our waiter who brought me a clean one, giggly “haha, this one is clean…I promise”, like he felt the need to assure me…

Our meals arrived quickly (almost too quickly). Both were….ok. My dish had some amazing flavours but I couldn’t get over how salty it was. Coming from me, this is huge!!! I have an affinity for sodium, and am shocked my blood pressure is not through the roof! I should have expected it, capers, anchovies and olives aren’t exactly low-sodium. I ate it all though, so I must have liked it, or was just really hungry and didn’t want to let me $12.92 go to waste (yes, the menu did NOT round prices, we noticed one cocktail was $7.92…seriously?!) Connor’s dish was…ok, as well. The lemon was too overwhelming and totally overshadowed any sweetness of the lobster. I was impressed by the amount of lobster in the dish; we both guessed there would be two pretty but miniature pieces. I liked my dish better…

We were in and out pretty quickly and needless to say, we won’t be back. Italian Kitchen, thanks, but no thanks. I’d give you a 2 generous stars out of 5. There are just too many better places I’d rather spend my well-earned money. I’ll have to tell you all about Niko’s, god’s savour for my Italian cravings…

Off to get some Christmas shopping done! Connor’s starting to get anxious to get going and buy me lots of gifts get his chores done.

Lata girls and boys!

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  1. December 13, 2009 9:08 am

    This one’s clean I promise?! I just threw up in my mouth a little. eek!

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