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A Foodie’s Fantasy

December 15, 2009

If you guys are foodies like me, meaning you spend the time you aren’t eating thinking about food, planning your next meal, reading food blogs, dreaming up recipes, plotting your next grocery trip, etc. you’ll love this site.

Not only is this site a great place to check out reviews and onions of your local food scene, it’s cool to browse around other boards like: “Food that makes you particularly sad?”, “Food packaging that drives you nuts”, “What brand of Eggnog is your favorite”, “2010 Food Trends”, “What is your favorite “foodie” gift to give and/or receive?”, “Have you ever dumped anyone because of their food preferences?”, and on and on!

You can also browse recipes, get your nagging food questions answered, read cookware reviews, get connected with the latest news on the food scene, link up to new blogs, research areas you’re traveling to and check out the latest “Top Tens”.

The site keeps me endlessly amused, and makes me feel like my obsession with all things culinary isn’t an oddity (I’m often seen as weirdly occupied with food and wine, THANK GOD I have friends who share my passion else I might be in therapy) . Others like me exist-and beware there are extremists (they are the most entertaining)!

Defiantly check it out, if you’re ambitious you’ll set up an account!

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