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Getting My Weekend On

December 13, 2009

Good morning afternoon!

I find that on Friday nights my 80-year-old self emerges-where the couch, possibly a nap after work, and pulling on my oldest sweats is most appealing. I indulged myself in a nap on the couch in my comfy sweats, but pulled myself up to go to dinner and make an appearance at a friend’s birthday. The thought of getting to go out to dinner is enough to make me jump of the couch and whip out the mascare!

We decided to try a new restaurant called Italian Kitchen (I was craving Italian after watching a Bobby Flay Throw Down on Food Network-yeah, I fully admit to being victim to most every delicious food commercial and show).  I’ve read good reviews of Italian Kitchen, so my hopes were high, but I’m a tough critic…

We were excited (the wine is for the party after). I’m unconsciously hoping for a thumbs up!

So after a bit of wandering around in the wet now trying to find the place, we found it. When we walked in we were faced with a hostess who seemed to be seating two restaurants, side by side were Spur Gastro Pub and Italian Kitchen-owned by the same group and presumably sharing the same kitchen (they were puting their hostess on double duty).

We were seated and asked if we’d like a cocktail or drink…but were a little at a loss because we weren’t even provided with a drink menu or wine list…so our waiter scurried off to get one (he proudly informed us that it was his first night). We ordered a glass of Valpolicella and scanned the menu which looked delicious enough…


We were in a hurry so we decided to just go straight to mains…well “secondi’s”. I got the angel hair with sun-dried olives, anchovies, capers in tomato sauce, Connor got the Toli pasta with cherry tomatoes, lobster and arugula  in a lemon zest sauce. Our new waiter, his name escapes me, brough a basket of cold wheat bread with balsamic and olive oil as well as a garlic, chive butter which looked like it sat out faaaar to long (I didn’t touch it). The bread was alright, Connor commented that it tasted a little old-I wished is was warm, but liked the heavy wheat taste  of the bread (it seemed out-of-place for an Italian Kitchen though). I received a large soup spoon, presumably for my pasta-however when I glanced over at it, it had clearly been used (please insert this into my “Gross” post). I pointed this out to our waiter who brought me a clean one, giggly “haha, this one is clean…I promise”, like he felt the need to assure me…

Our meals arrived quickly (almost too quickly). Both were….ok. My dish had some amazing flavours but I couldn’t get over how salty it was. Coming from me, this is huge!!! I have an affinity for sodium, and am shocked my blood pressure is not through the roof! I should have expected it, capers, anchovies and olives aren’t exactly low-sodium. I ate it all though, so I must have liked it, or was just really hungry and didn’t want to let me $12.92 go to waste (yes, the menu did NOT round prices, we noticed one cocktail was $7.92…seriously?!) Connor’s dish was…ok, as well. The lemon was too overwhelming and totally overshadowed any sweetness of the lobster. I was impressed by the amount of lobster in the dish; we both guessed there would be two pretty but miniature pieces. I liked my dish better…

We were in and out pretty quickly and needless to say, we won’t be back. Italian Kitchen, thanks, but no thanks. I’d give you a 2 generous stars out of 5. There are just too many better places I’d rather spend my well-earned money. I’ll have to tell you all about Niko’s, god’s savour for my Italian cravings…

Off to get some Christmas shopping done! Connor’s starting to get anxious to get going and buy me lots of gifts get his chores done.

Lata girls and boys!


Putting a Face to the Words

December 11, 2009

Just a few pictures of me…



December 11, 2009

Good Morning Internet, a special shout out to the few who accidentally curiously happen upon my blog.

Today I was quite proud of myself (more so than other days) because I realized that my quickness and agility is comparable to Superman…dare I say SUPERWOMAN! It takes practice, I’m not gonna lie, but once seasoned, benefits are reaped. I’m speaking about my lightening fast ability to get ready in the morning. My mornings go like this…

Alarm-7:10am (arbitrary time, and probably one most people consider sleeping in…but i won’t name names KATH ((I love you Kath, if I’m so lucky you read this, don’t be offended dear blog goddess))

Shut off Alarm-7:10am + 1 second Notice my fast-ness

Back to Sleep-7:10am + 2 seconds Do NOT waste time folks, every second counts

Dream-7:10am + 3 seconds Mathew and Brad…and we’re back…

Wake Abruptly-8:00am Panic and fear about your 8:30am start time help quicken your pace

Throw (literally) covers off + snap on light-8:02am Getting air while leaping from bed helps cover distance

Oatmeal Breakfast Prep-8:03am You can still enjoy ‘slow cooked food’ in your morning marathon. I use rolled oats-no thanks instant, you suck. It also helps if you can make your tired (but delicious) combination of oatmeal with your eyes closed (mine, still from sleep), while shivering uncontrollably (the heat hasn’t kicked in yet) and having to pee (this can happen later while the oatmeal is cooking in the microwave).

Pee-8:04am-Pee (enough said)

Hair/Makeup-8:05am It helps if you’re gorgeous already like me my blog readers. Face wash, face cream, concealer (you better believe I love this baby), swipes of mascara (ensure in your haste you don’t poke your eye out and smear waterproof mascare across your entire face…no that I’d know…), finish with a few swipes of blush. It doesn’t have to be perfect people, the computer screen sees my face more than anything human all day.

Stir-8:07am Vital, you must RUN to the microwave where your oatmeal is cooking to ensure it is not overflowing and gummifying your entire microwave. Snap (use muscle here) open the microwave with lightening force where you’ll endure the burn of boiling oatmeal as you stir. Stir your heart out sisters! Place bowl back in microwave and nuke that baby even longer.

Dress-8:08am Dress, don’t forget this step. I workout at lunch, so to save time (which I’m all about doing) I pull on my sports bra, workout top and pants to wear under my uniform. You may think this would look weird, but when your uniform is literally 5 sizes (i’m barely exaggerating here) too big for you, no one will notice. It helps to fill me out, pretend I have goods I clearly lack (and which are further emphasized by my synthetic uniform). “Yes, there is someone under these mom pants, baby pink button down and swimmingly large vest.” I ensure I have my name tag on at all times so I don’t go missing.

Pack Bag-8:10am Stuff workout towel, change of clothes and phone into backpack (you gotta keep it classy friends)

Stir-8:13am I can’t stress the importance of this. Ensure plastic Tupperware is prepared to empty contents of oatmeal into to take to work. I don’t eat breakfast at home people, you think I have time for that?! I’m not God people (just Jesus…)

Pack Lunch-8:14am Stuff contents of pre-made lunch (pack this the night before-this is an essential time saver!) Don’t forget the condiments you’ve packaged in your tiny Tupperware that you always seem to forget behind the orange juice. It’ll make you pissed off when you don’t have mustard for your wrap or to spread all over your salad (don’t judge). Maybe that’s just me….

Freak out-8:15am This helps to quicken your step when you feel like you’re fading. Hollar at your significant other to hurry up cause you’re going to be late (note: you won’t be-but the fear of being reprimanded at work assists in getting out the door)

Pour, package, grab-8:16am Remember the mantra. Pour the contents of your delicious slow cooked oatmeal into its Tupperware, package your lunch into your cute Lulu Lemon lunch bag, GRAB all items (and mentally go through your check list), shove on runners (for the gym later) and bolt down the stairs (envisioning a mass murdered is chasing you helps)

Take out trash-8:17am Yes my friends, I had time to chuck two massive bags of trash into the dumpster

Wait-8:18am I had to wait for my significant other to meander down the stairs. Refrain from getting to anxious at this point, you might snap, this is not a good nor positive way to start your day

Drive-8:19am Drive to work (it helps if you live directly next to your place of employment)

Wait-8:20am Wait at cross walk while punky high schoolers meander (grrr) across the street, staring at you through your windshield with a look like like they are about to beat you up but are really just envying that you’re old enough to drive…

Exit-8:25am Quickly kiss your significant other goodbye (don’t forget the love people) and bolt out of your passenger seat and through the automatic doors at work. Scanter across the lobby attempting to remain as invisible as possible as you enter the office directly near the kitchen and lockers. Picking an efficient entry point is key.

Prep/Dress-8:26am Push tea kettle to on position to heat up water for your tea while you dress. Pop lunch bag into the fridge and reheat oatmeal a couple second so it is perfectly steamy when you sit down at your desk. Open your locker (have this conbination memorized, you will waste precious time if forgotten). Jump into your uniform (granted it helps when it’s so big you can literally do this).

Fix-8:28am You might be slightly shaken by this point-it’s time to fix, adjust and straighten like you’ve been up since 7:10am when your alarm went off.

Retrieve-8:29am Fill your trusty travel mug with free office tea and now warmed water, carefully pull your too-hot oatmeal (the first time you heated it was only 12 minutes ago) out of the microwave.

Hussel-8:29 +29 seconds  Walk, very quickly,  to your desk, sitting down in your rolly chair and placing your home-made breakfast onto your desk.

Rock and Roll-8:30am You are on time, not too early to seem overly ambitious and not late, cause that’s just inappropriate. I’m ready to start my day, on time and with a healthy breakfast to boot!

Finish Work-9:04am If you work where I do, between now and your start time you will have had enough time to attend a morning briefing, answer the 3 e-mails in your inbox, answer 4 calls, send out last nights statistics and enjoy your breakfast.

Blog-9:05am Enjoy favorite blogs and even give your own blog a second thought-dream it will one day be as awesome as the ones you obsessively dedicatidly read.

There you have it folks, never under-estimate your own ability. I am well-practiced, but have faith, you can get more sleep and get to work on time with a little prepping and a lot of fear, panic and faking it…


December 11, 2009

I don’t know why I feel the need to document this, but today-grossness was pervasive. I was using a public toilet (not the gross part) and saw two massive green/red/brown/yellow boogers stuck to the wall next to the toilet paper dispenser. Seriously, they had their own presence. There, staring at me on the wall. Gagging, and trying to pee faster, I wondered why, dear friends, did someone feel the need to place their snot on the wall when they had an industrial sized roll (the ones only found in shady public washrooms) sitting conveniently next to them. I decided this was a deliberate act of grossness. Come on people, put your boogers somewhere else, preferably not in the vicinity of my face or naked crotch!

Also gross is the guy I walked by who felt the need to grab a fist full of his package and rearrange it in his tighty tight biking shorts. We can see it well enough, but thanks.

Gross-the double cheese pizza, on cheese filled crust, topped with nine types of meat you can now get at pizza hut (….who am I kidding, it looks awesome).

Also gross, the guys who feels the need to blow his nose (more like hawk) excessively while I attempt to consume my lunch. I love the sound of flem and congestion while I consume my meals…please, do it louder.

Gross, when people spit on the ground…indoors…yes, I saw that today.

I’m not sure what’s fueled this day of gross-ness…or even why I care (I grew up picking weird bugs out of my cereal and not being able to drink the nonpotable tap water) I’m blaming it on the proliferation of H1N1 WARNINGS around. Seriously, by the way they ‘advertise’ it they could make hugs sound deadly. There are hand sanitizer dispensers all around, but I think they’re gross. Do you know how many people touch those things before they attempt to chemically sanitize their hands-dirty before clean guys-helloooo?

Don’t worry though, I’m ‘safe’. I got my shot. I know for sure I got my shot cause it feels like I got punched in the arm by THE Hulk, or maybe MammaPea (have you seen that woman’s guns?) I know for sure cause I lifted my arms trying to clothe myself and wanted to cry. No pain, no gain…gotta watch out for that H1N1…what does that even stand for anyway? (I obviously have serious concerns about this deadly virus).

Anywho..I’m off to go drink out of the same cup as Connor, and snack those skittles I dropped floor last night…get vaccinated folks…

They’re actually pretty cute…

…Ok..I just had to add, that I’m watching the Food Network (duhhhhh), but Heston just de-intestinized a pig in front of a dinner table…now they’re talking about an ejaculating a pig…what has the Food Network come to….gross…geeez?

Nothing New?

December 10, 2009

So, I went to the gym this morning before work (ambitious, I know!) and did 20 minutes on the stepmill (10 minutes shorter than planned) and worked by guns with free weights. When doing cardio I attempt to distract myself as much as possible, seriously, the least present I am, the better. This involves copious amounts of trashy magazines, loud music, watching girls with poor form elliptical their hearts out, laughing inside at the men with steroid-ed arms and twiggy legs, checking myself out correcting my form, and envying the girl with my dream biceps. You do it too, who are you kidding? Anyway, I was stepping my heart out to Kayne and Rihanna, and flipping through a Health magazine from 2000. Seriously, “what crevice was this pulled out of, how many years of stale sweat and last years strand of flu are hiding between these pages? ” I thought, but soon forgot because frankly, I don’t care, and I proceeded to christen it with the product of my mindless stepping….anyway, this magazine made me realize that despite the years that have passed, not a lot has changed. I mean, pick up any health or fitness magazine and you read the same crap over and over and over. Pick up a health/fitness magazine from 2000 and you’ll be shocked how much HASN’T changed.

I (re)read how green tea boosts metabolism, how you can get fit with 3 simple moves, how eating whole-grains is good for you. Special K was still attempting to convince women that you can eat cereal 3 times a day and feel fabulous (give me a f*ckin break, I’d probably start eating the crumbs in my keyboard, and yours, and anything slightly edible in sight if I had to live off cereal that has a negligent amount of fiber and enough calories to sustain…my finger..). They still had the same stir fry recipe, low-fat soup, and lower calories swaps we all know and hate love. They of course told you all about antioxidants-red wine, dark chocolate, blah blah blah. Women wrote in with the same 5 questions and answer inquires recycled in every other health magazine (seriously, do they even have to do research to answer those anymore). Obviously, I should get my own health magazine, or shut up and suck it up cause I know I’ll keep reading them to busy my bored, stepmilling brain. Let’s just say my 2002 Cosmo wasn’t much more fascinating…


If anything’s changed since 2000, it’s Brittney….

Time Off, Plus Some-Looking on the Bright Side

December 10, 2009

So…yea, I pretty much disappeared for what WordPress is telling me was 8 months. A LOT has happened, a lot has not happened, I don’t even know where to start. It’s like meeting for coffee with an old friend you haven’t seen in ages and having everything and nothing to say at the same time. You know what I mean? It all gushes out and you have this jumbled, misguided, but fantastic conversation.

I’d like to start this conversation again…

To start with, it looks like it did outside 8 months ago, given the proof of my snow flooded balcony below. I pretty much still have the same breakfast too, oatmeal, yogurt, cottage cheese…habits die hard my friends. I graduated (with distinction-but the lady on stage failed to announce that! Seriously, I felt like that bitch robbed me of 4 years of grueling work…whatever, at least I know in my heart…almost as good as it getting announced to my now broke parents and emotionally abused boyfriend who put up with me for those roller-coaster years) I digress…So, all in all, I’m done with school (for now). I have the same job I had when I started University-not what I expected coming out of University-not what the thousands of other graduates applying to the same 4 jobs expected either. Hell, at least I have a job (that’s what they say you should keep telling yourself).

On the bright side, I’m now engaged to that emotionally exhausted boyfriend of mine-fiance Nor. He must have loved me, cause anyone who tolerated my emotional journey through post-secondary education would have high-tailed at my first breakdown. I think the meds saved us:-p. So marriage is on the map, as is our wedding date and place. August 21, 2009 I will get another diamond ring marry the love of my life. We’ll get married at my work, cause I obviously love this place far too much than to neglect it on the most memorable day of my life (insert sarcasm). It’s ironic, really, that the place I couldn’t wait to get away from I am now a full-time employee, and client of. I will be pouring thousands of dollars into a place I condemn for its lack of social responsibility, corrupt morals and misguided decision-making. Ya, that’s sometimes how life goes. At least we’ll get a staff discount (I’m all about looking on the bright side).

More exciting news is that I am heading to South Africa in T-minus 7 days and 3.34 house. I get to board a plane that I will proceed to sit in, surrounded by stinky people, mediocre plane food, and lack of leg room. BUT (looking on the bright side) I get to sleep on sit next to my fabulous fiance. He’s always entertaining and is good a carrying bags at that!. 12 hours later we land in London, where we have a 10 + hour layover. To make this ghastly layover more of a positive experience we’ve decided to venture out into London for a couple of hours to explore the city. Really, we just want to eat some good food and will probably get back on the train as quick as we got off in fear will miss another 12 hour flight (just try to stop me..I can’t get enough of those swollen ankles). We also booked a PREMIUM room at the Yotel in London Heathrow. Their pretty awesome, and for about 42 euros we get to have a nap on a fold out queen bed, wash ourselves in a barbie sized shower and maybe even order ‘room service’. I read they have Ben and Jerry’s…(i digress). Another red-eye later we get to Cape Town where we’ll immediately board another plane (cause we like to ride in planes) and go to George where I plan to run around like small dog trapped in a pull out bed (my dad did this to my Uncles dog, which survived, and when released, proceeded to run around the house magically for about an hour..I can only imagine).

We’ll stay in George for about 3 glorious weeks, escaping the poopy weather here for the glorious summer! Last night at dinner Nor’s dad was trying to get us to bring Vancouver Olympic mitts to my grandparents for a gift. I got offended that he would presume I would spend almost $7,000.00 on plane tickets to somewhere I was required to don mittens. Thoughtful, but no. However, I do hear that they are quite hot commodities, and am cursing myself for not taking them and pawning them to get out of the debt I’m in from purchasing such outrageous tickets in the first place. My first-born will have to make up for that…

So, graduation and engagement have been to two big pieces of ‘news’ in my life. I’ve done some things to ‘nourish myself’, and a lot of things that will probably made my age 10 years earlier. My recent engagement party, champagne, and many lost items later is coming to mind. I took a fabulous study abroad trip to Spain and met some of the most amazing people ever. Please who you meet and are convinced they are your long-lost soul mates. Ones you are ever grateful to have and almost mourn over all the lost time you hadn’t known each other. Friends for life-sista’s from anotha motha’. These people and that Spain trip has been my saving grace (in addition to my family and Nor). They have injected smiles and love back into the void that school, studying and narrow perspective used to fill.

I’m still working on the perspective, still working on living the life that is today, still working on not worrying about the little things-understanding that there is a great, big, amazing world out there (despite what CNN and every other news source projects). Life is here, it’s right now, and I don’t want the regrets and I don’t want to ‘wait’. It’s like we spend so much time waiting for our break and we lose the moment that is now. I hate to get all philosophical, but that is sometimes where your mind wanders when you sit in a rolly chair, in a 9 times too big uniform, reciting the same few lines, and same few keyboard strokes each day. Trust me, you have to entertain your mind somehow, in fear of it decaying and ruining your 9 times too big uniform (we do get free dry cleaning however…).

So basically, I resuscitated this blog (after completely forgetting both my username and password). Hopefully it will be an outlet. Hopefully it will be a way to meet new people in the blog world. A diary for my experiences, and a means to keep my brains intact and fully functioning as I do this job (Don’t worry, I’m thankful I even have a job).

That’s all for now…I think I’ll rustle some papers to make my productivity audible and then go make some tea….

It’s been a while!!!!!!!!

April 12, 2009

Wow, so my blog efforts didn’t last too long. So much has happened, not sure where I should even start. Many good things, some bad things-more hopeless things…

My hell semester is over and gone, and this one is nearing the end as well…it has been a while! A block week blur, assignments completed, handed in, graded. Friends made, fun had, parties given and attended. Tears cried, smiles shown, many shivers, more hugs and kisses (never enough). Mind is peaceful, calmer, more me…ahhhh, I can think and concentrate (to some degree). I don’t feel crazy, ungrounded, and about to crack at any given comment, phone call…look. Paranoia fading..that was the worst…anxiety weakening…though still struggling. I feel so in control, out of control, if you know what I mean….

I need to focus, focus, focus…I need to fight fight FIGHT! and STOP…it will be hard, i have little time, but I CAN do it. I MUST do it… to survive, to make her smile, and make me smile….to feel that peace, to rid that guilt, to live a life, make a life, have a life…

It’s been a while for so many things, so much more, sooo much time…

I will take back my time, reclaim what’s mine..